Creating your dream team

Clearly the mortgage broker and realtor need to be in communication during a real estate transaction. The appraiser and inspector are also key players helping to put everything together but what happens after the completion of your real estate purchase? Who needs to get involved next?

When we manage your mortgage and real estate portfolio, we like to keep in contact with your accountant and financial adviser. Updating them with your goals and working together to make sure your possible tax deductions are optimized is important to your over all success.

If you are not currently using an Accountant, we recommend speaking with Mydhili Furtado at 604 597 5699.

If you are not currently working with a Financial Adviser, we recommend either of the two advisers:

  • Chris Cook with Insurance Supermarket Inc. 604 897 6031
  • Duane Runzer with Investors Group – 604 787 3502

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