New Mortgage Rules UPDATE

New Mortgage Rules UPDATE: 1. New Qualification Rate (As of October 30, 2017) & 2. The Stress Test (what we know and what we don't know)

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How to Turn Your Debts into Wealth

How's this for a new perspective... Rather than seeing your debts as a problem, what if they could be an opportunity? With a little knowledge, ingenuity, and discipline you can transform those debts into wealth! Here are 6 Tips to Shift from Debt to Financial Freedom

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7 Traits of Debt-Free People

Ok, today let's talk about debt and, more importantly, how to get out of it... Nobody sets out to get deep in debt. It just seems to happen to some people and not to others.

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Crisis into Opportunity

If money's a bit tight right now, here are six tips for empowering yourself to create a breakthrough...

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Closing Costs To Be Aware Of

Thinking about buying a property any time soon? If so, here are the closing costs to be aware of before you buy (so you don’t have any unwanted surprises).

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Does your credit need help?

Your credit score is the single biggest factor that lenders use in determining your interest rate when you apply for a mortgage. Yet most people don't even know what a credit score is, let alone whether they have a high score or a low one. The sad truth is if your score is unnecessarily low--due to errors or lack of professional advice--you could end up paying thousands of dollars extra over the life of your mortgage!

  • avatarJessi Johnson
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